Author: Lewis Haas

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The vegan diet is not just another popular diet plan and health enthusiasts are beginning to know why. This diet plan is helpful for those who wish to live a healthier life, lose weight, reduce risk of chronic disease and much more. But, one of the greatest reasons to become vegan is to put an end to the unethical slaughter of animals for human consumption. The Basics of a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle gives you useful, practical and sound advice backed by evidence. Lewis Haas presents a cause for concern on the world’s declining health and continued unethical approach to animal life. He proves that the question isn’t Why vegan?, more so, Why not vegan? You’ll learn this and more:
-Differentiate between vegetarian and vegan
-Learn why veganism is the better option
-Stay fully nourished and healthy
-Pick the healthy, animal-free options
-Get a sample 5-day vegan meal plan
-Understand veganism is not one size fits all
-Adapt to all social occasions and stay vegan
-Learn about more advanced vegan concepts
-And, much more!