Author: Bella Grant

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Deal starts: May 12, 2015

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Ryan Doyle desires June Griffin, the local coffee barista and he will have her - in his own way and at his time! With billions at his disposal, June was as good as his. Or so he thought.June is young and desperate and any job but pouring coffee at the shop all day long will do, as long as it's legal and pays well. Her luck changes when she gets a chance at a "personal employment opportunity with an exclusive group of qualified individuals", a job that pays millions of dollars, and requires her to be untouched by a man! She agrees to the extensive confidentiality agreement and signs on the dotted line. What could be so bad about having a stranger's baby? Once she got her money and handed the baby over to the father, she was done.

But, June had no clue what's she's about to get into, and what length Ryan would go to make June his. When Ryan Doyle wants a woman, Ryan Doyle always gets that woman, even if she has a baby in her.