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The Only Retirement Strategy that Locks Your Portfolio on Autopilot and Allows You to Retire with Plenty of Money in the BankEliminate any doubts of how to provide for your golden retirement years with the revolutionary simple retirement strategy. Designed for beginners, this book contains the simple blueprint you can use to easily and safely grow your nest egg. Using the 3 step strategy you'll cut fees, eliminate unnecessary taxes, and boost your investment returns, all on autopilot.

The Autopilot Portfolio is not some wacky "trick" or "double your money technique" that promises an avalanche of cash in the next 30 days. Far from being some pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense, The Autopilot Portfolio is a result of over 10 years of study, and years of dinging through the treacherous trenches of Wall Street to find what really works. Wall Street's retirement plan for the masses has been proven defunct. The traditional 401(k) mutual fund retirement plan has failed millions around the world and it's time for a strategy that actually works.