Author: Mercedes Rey

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If you suffer from allergies and have been prescribed drugs to suppress the symptoms, you might’ve wondered why your body is reacting the way that it does and what, if anything, you can do to change those unpleasant reactions. The answer can be found in the well-researched and beautifully presented Anti-Allergy Diet, a very helpful book that spells out the problems with the way we eat today and offers a wonderfully effective alternative method of fuelling our bodies and taming the allergy problems forever.The book has an excellent pedigree and is based on important conclusions from research in the exciting field of Functional Medicine, research that has clearly identified significant problems with the way we eat today and which has provided intelligent alternatives that can eliminate many of the more troublesome health problems that affect our health. An over-active immune system results in a wide range of allergic reactions and removing the source of these conditions can provide lasting relief that removes the needs for drugs and immune system suppressants.