Author: Derryl Flynn

Category: Literary Fiction

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Fast approaching forty, life’s experiences haven’t mellowed Terry Gallagherany. He’s become an angry, bitter man. Sickened by the mindless violence allaround him, and trying to come to terms with his own thuggish past, he despairs

as his near neighbour, old Mr. Johnson, war hero, is almost beaten to death in

his own home while the police fail to bring anyone to justice. He rails at the apathy and neglect of council leaders past and present, who use an already deprived community as a dumping ground for social misfits, bad debtors, drug addicts and so called economic migrants. These were the social injustices that made Terry Gallagher’s blood boil. This was the legacy being left to his kids, and all because they had the misfortune to grow up on the notorious Broughton estates.

Here is a story of one man and his unwilling best mate, who form a junior football team and strive to bring colour and self-esteem into the lives of a rag-bag bunch of deprived thirteen-year olds, among whose number are, Duane: an outcast, half-caste latent football genius who would experience recognition and heart wrenching tragedy within nine months of his already short, unhappy life.

On a forgotten piece of waste ground, ‘Soldiers Field’, the lads shape their adopted home. With stolen scaffolding for goalposts and a twenty-four hour pitch surveillance protection programme patrolled through the telescopic sight of Ginner’s .22 air rifle, The Albion starts their footballing adventure. From an inauspicious start in the local Junior District Football league to potential glory in the prestigious County Cup, for Terry Gallagher and West Broughton Albion, the season unfolds amidst a backdrop of squalor and depravity, manic depression, heroin addiction, Yardies, guns, and death; where a web of bizarre and tragic circumstances transpire to push the emotional and mental state of this reluctant philanthropist to the limit and ultimately tip him over the edge.