Author: Scott Medbury

Category: Science Fiction

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The complete After Days TrilogyFifteen year old Isaac Race has already lost everyone close to him. He is about to lose a lot more. We all are. A mystery outbreak sweeps North America, it is chilling in both its speed and deadliness. The odd thing is though, it is only fatal to adults. Too late, it becomes clear to authorities that the virus is man made - a biological weapon - and that the United States is at war... a war it has already lost.

As his country is invaded and occupied, Isaac must help his ragtag group of survivors find refuge in a world turned upside down. A world full of fear and danger. A world where enemies can be friends and friends... worse than enemies.

Don't miss Scott Medbury's After Days, the dystopian trilogy destined to become a classic.

This Kindle version includes all three volumes: