Author: Dale L. Roberts

Category: General Nonfiction

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Lose Weight, Tone Up, Get into Great Shape with This 90-Day Workout PlanHave you struggled with getting a good quality workout program that you can do on your own? Are you limited on time and can't seem to fit in a quality exercise routine? Wouldn't you like to have an exercise plan that lasts you for a long time and is exciting?The 90-Day Home Workout Plan includes:

Exercises laid out in a simple-to-follow plan
Great full color pictures for exercise reference
Exercises that maximize the most out of your time
All elements of fitness in less than an hour
Adaptable exercises great for the beginner to the athlete
Minimal equipment needed
Different exercise routines for everyday of the week
Proven facts, citations and resources assuring dependability
Exercises that build strength, endurance, core development and flexibility
And, much more!
The 90-Day Home Workout Plan gives you the most comprehensive approach to your fitness goals and needs. Dale L. Roberts presents a carefully designed program for getting the most out of your workouts. He shows the crucial components of an effective workout and how each element fits into a single session that is less than an hour. This book gives you the best steps in your fitness development!