Author: Jean Kilczer

Category: Science Fiction

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TangleRoot is a stand-alone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read the previous books in the Star Sojourner series.TangleRoot, the sixth book in the Star Sojourner series, pits astrobiologist, telepath, adventurer and all-around nice guy Jules Rammis against some Mafia bad guys and a race of aliens that doesn't like to share.

But not to worry. Ever-faithful Vegan Huff and Jules's team is by his side, with crusty team leader Joe, Harlem-tough Chancey, and mild-mannered Southern medic Bat are all partaking in the adventure along with Jules' love interest, exotic Sophia Rella, who just refuses to stay at home.

Come along for the action-packed wild ride as Jules tackles "the family" and Blackroot, an insidious alien plant/animal known to the in-crowd as Bristra, that spreads like wildfire and munches people for snacks, but has some pretty spectacular properties that can endow humans with a very long lifespan.

The story takes Jules from Earth to the distant planet Equus and back again, as he pursues the spreading root system - and tries to stay a jump ahead of the Mafia bad guys who are after him.