Author: Will Fox

Category: Erotic Romance

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Description: erotic story of steamy passion
Elijah finds himself unable to ignore his attraction for Robert, the husband of his wife's best friend. Outwardly confident and sexy as hell, Robert sparks a dormant desire in Elijah, and a fantasy that makes him lose control.Elijah has not felt a release like this in a long time. It is the romance he's been secretly craving and he's determined not to let anything ruin it.

But when Robert shows a sudden interest in Elijah, is it to reciprocate Elijah's feelings or does he have another agenda in mind?

This is a story of love and a fatal attraction that leads Elijah down a dark path. An erotic romance full of passion and suspense that will keep you wondering what is in store for Elijah as he faces the demons and memories of his past.