Author: R.S. Penney

Category: Science Fiction

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Ten thousand years ago, a powerful alien race called the Overseers scattered primitive humans across the galaxy.
Anna Lenai is a young Justice Keeper, gutsy and strong-willed. Tasked with protecting her planet from dangerous outside threats, she pursues a felon deep into the uncharted regions of space and stumbles upon the lost homeworld of her ancestors — Earth. Stranded and alone, Anna must now learn how to survive in this foreign environment.
Her path soon crosses that of Jack Hunter, a young man with dreams as vast as the heavens. As he learns of Anna’s past and helps her adapt, the pair uncover a centuries-old conspiracy that threatens to shake present-day society to its core.
Thought-provoking and action-packed, Symbiosis is a startling exploration of the human condition under extraordinary circumstances.