Author: ML Ray

Category: Contemporary Romance

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When Jack and Lidia agreed to a ‘fake’ relationship to make their exes jealous and by extension, re-kindle their former relationships, they had no idea that they would find in each other, everything that they never knew they wanted in a partner! They thrived on hating and teasing each other and, in the context of ‘pretense’, experienced each other ‘up close and personal’ without realizing that their fabricated relationship was slowly eroding and being replaced by the treasure of love. This romantic novel touches on several themes related to family, parenting, extra marital affair, forgiveness, loss of innocence; self-discovery; inter-personal relationships of all kinds (including abusive relationships) and love and romance especially teenage love and romance. Lidia and Jack are your everyday teenagers who, along with their friends, come with all the baggage of ‘teenage’ culture: the hip slangs; the immaturities; the boyfriend/girlfriend break-up here and make-up there; crazy parties, trendy teenage clothes, high school hallway and locker scenes…the works!What happens when teenagers graduate from their high school years? They’re old enough to give their hearts away.