Author: Leydy Otero

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Billionaire Guardian
SuspicionMistrust doesn’t stop desire...

Camille is devastated to find out that she is the cause of her and Jason being in danger. She is even more devastated that that the man she is falling for thinks she is nothing more than a common criminal. Despite her own misgivings about his secretive nature she still wants him more than ever. But, it is worth staying in the presence of a man who feels nothing for her but suspicion? Maybe she should leave and take her chances with the criminals after her.
Jason is furious that Camille might be deceiving him but he still wants to protect her. Even with his doubts, he craves her more than he has any other woman. He wants nothing more than to find out that she is innocent because his feelings for her are treading into dangerous territory. As their time on the island is nearing its end they wonder what it will mean for them. Will they make it off the island alive? If they do, will they go their separate ways?