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It used to be the pride of the African American community........but now it was hell.Freedom Inn was suffering. What once was a respectable, black owned, business had been transformed into a haven for drug dealers, prostitutes, and criminals of the highest order. Along with his right hand man Rico Robinson, Ernest Davis, the aging owner of a once profitable hotel, fights to keep his establishment alive with the help of a once dead community.

Along the way we meet a prostitute searching for a better life and an ambitious drug dealer trying to turn bad money good. We meet exotic dancers hustling to survive and witness a jilted love affair turned violent. We meet everyday working people trying to make it off the block and brothers on the come up. We meet racist white men trying to take the hotel down, and greedy executives buying property that represents freedom. It's one hell of a ride.

The author is quoted as saying, "Although there are hood elements, this isn't just some ratchet novel. This is about black people trying to rise above foolishness either illegal or legal. It's about finding our independence, doing for self, and building our community. It's where extreme entertainment meets a black man saying something. Real talk."