Author: Cheryl R. Lane

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Deal starts: July 24, 2016

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Scarlett Laurent has cancer again, and it doesn't look good this time. As her time runs out, she must find someone to take care of her eight-year-old son, Tyler. His father has not been in the picture, but she happens to run into him when looking for a beach house to live in for her final days. He is newly married, however, and is busy starting a new career. A strange but kind man named Jackson helps her deal with her demise, giving her comfort and joy, but she finds out he is not what she thought he was. He is an angel of death. On a trip to France to see her father, she learns more secrets that had been kept from her, including another one involving Jackson. Can she trust him after deceiving her twice?Luke and Jen Callaway are back from their honeymoon, and Luke gets the opportunity to make his dreams of being a musician come true. Meanwhile, Jen misses him like crazy and worries about him falling back into his old bad habits. Luke’s daughter Cassie and her boyfriend Skyler encounter some strange events and suspect that Jackson, the angel of death, is messing with them again. One encounter in particular will change Cassie in a major way. Can Skyler overcome his limitations of being human in order to help her?