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Timely Customer Service

We love to hear from our authors and partners and will do our very best to reply to any communication within 1 business day.

Batch Email Distribution

We send our emails out in batches over an eight hour period.  This allows for your book to receive download every hour which can help sustain  your rankings in Amazon.

We Accept Short Reads

Other sites won’t promote your short reads, we encourage them.  Our readers love all lengths of fiction and non-fiction ebooks.

24 Hour Guarantee

If you need a quick turn around time we have you covered.  If you submit your book before 12pm EST, it goes out the next day. **Premium Promo Only**

Support For Amazon UK

We encourage you to include links to your books listed in the UK store.  We have many readers in the UK who want great books as well.

Twitter 3 Day Drip Feed

Your book get’s tweeted once a day for three days in a row.  Providing maximum Twitter exposure to our growing list.  We currently add 50-100 new followers a day to Twitter.

I used Bookzio as part of my marketing plan for a short sci-fi romance novel. I got 600+ downloads the day this promo went live and I’ll be happy to use them again in the future. Completely recommended!

M. N. Arzu

Author of The Librarian

When my debut novel, The Heir, was on sale for .99c, Bookzio was a great way to get the word out and it helped improve my ranking.

Lynne Stringer

Author of The Heir

The customer service was amazing.

Charity Parkerson

Author of The Sexy & The Undead

Bookzio is a wonderful resource for authors! It was refreshing to work with someone who understands how to work with author’s specific needs while promoting books. The customer service was extraordinary and that support for authors goes a long way in making a promotion successful. I’ll definitely be using Bookzio’s services again.
–Rachelle J. Christensen, Author of Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things
Rachelle J. Christensen

Author of Diamond Rings Are Deadly Things

I used Bookzio to promote my novel ‘Born of Earth’, stacking it with one other provider. I had 1351 downloads and saw an increase in sales that lasted close to 3 weeks afterwards. Thank you, Bookzio for your professional service and delivering the results I needed.

A.L. Knorr

Author of The Elemental Origins Novels

I just wanted to give you a quick update from my promotion I ran with you guys last week. I gotta say, you did an absolutely incredible job!

Before the promo, The Selfish Workout Guide was ranked #28,912.

After the promo….I was #233!

I actually made it into the TOP 20 of ALL Non-Fiction books!! I sold a ton of books, and got 59 new reviews on Amazon (all of them were really good too).

Your newsletter was a HUGE part of my promotion, and I can’t thank you enough. This was my third book, and each time I run a promotion with you guys, things get better and better. More and more sales every single time.

I appreciate all of the hard work you put into growing your list, and I LOVE that you keep getting BIGGER and BIGGER. Keep going!! I wanna break this record when I release my next book!

Thanks so much for everything,

Nicholas Caldwell

Author of The Selfish Workout Guide

I’m a firm believer in the power of advertising. I have been using BookZio for several months with great results. They are definitely on my short list of advertisers who deliver. Not only do they make my books look good and sell, they are professionals and it’s a pleasure to deal with the company. I have never been disappointed!

Dianne Harman

Author of Kelly's Koffee Shop

I own a marketing company, but when it came to marketing my books, it was a whole new ballgame. In order to understand the marketing options and the results I could get, I signed up with 168 different sites and purchased advertising at all of them. The prices ranged from $3 to $150. At the end of my KDP days, there were two clear winners—of which Bookzio was one

Cyndie Shaffstall

Author of Willows: The Creole

We use BookZio several times a month. We always see a peak in sales on the days we use Bookzio. They are really helpful and quick to adapt to last minutes changes

Willow Rose

Author of Itsy Bitsy Spider

When I originally signed up for a Bookzio ad for the free 5 day promo for my Recycling Humanity box set, I didn’t realize it was going to be the week of Cyber Monday. I would’ve assumed it would be a bad week for promotions with all the other Cyber Monday deals going on, but it turned out exceptionally well.

The Recycling Humanity collection is the first three books in the series. I used a Kindle Select free book promotion to make the set free for five days from November 28 – December 2. I then ran the Bookzio ad during that time.

The collection climbed as high as number thirteen on the Top 100 Free Kindle books. There were several subcategories during the week that it came in number one! It was a very exciting week watching the box set rising in the different subcategories. It still remains in the top 25 in Kindle paid teen space opera.
During those five days I had 15,215 downloads! This was the most of any promotion that I’d run on any of my books. I also gained a few reviews, and earned money from the Kindle pages read. I consider this a great success for my first try at a Bookzio promotion. My intent was to get my stories out to more readers, and that’s exactly what happened.

The process of setting up the promotion is easy and straight forward. As you can see from the screen shot I’ve attached from one of the e-mail ads from the campaign, they do a professional job with their advertisements. I also foufullsizerendernd my ad on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.
I would definitely recommend Bookzio promotions to new and established authors alike. I intend to use them again in the future.

Heather Lee Dyer

Author of Recycling Humanity

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the Bookzio 5-Day Blitz, but the results blew me away! My book hit #10 in the overall free kindle store and stayed in the top 100 for nearly the whole week. Plus, the price was really affordable. For these results, I’d easily pay twice what Bookzio charged me! I’ve used consecutive-day blog tours in the past — and the Bookzio promotion was WAY better in terms of book downloads. Needless to say, I’m so glad that I booked this promotion. In addition to the outcome, Bookzio was great to work with — professional, responsive, and creative. Highly, highly recommend.
Pintip Dunn

Author of Forget Tomorrow

Ever since I’ve been using Bookzio to promote my book, sales have went up and I’ve gain many Twitter followers as well.  The customer service is awesome; they are quick to respond and I love the monthly coupons.

S W Frontz

Author of When the Morning Comes

I’ve found everyone at BookZio to be very professional and wonderful to work with. They also seem to be doing everything they can to reach out to authors and readers alike, steadily building their list of daily deals. I look forward to working with them again.

Melanie D. Snitker

Author of Finding Peace

Hundreds of thousands of new books are published each year, so new authors need exposure.  BookZio is an equal-opportunity promoter.  It will put your goods in the spotlight, whether your book makes 500 sales per month or two sales per month.  Every best seller begins with a single-satisfied buyer.

J. O. Quantaman

Author of Loose Threads

Having used Bookzio for a number of promotions, both for my own books and my clients, I have no hesitation in recommending their paid services simply because they work! With each paid promotion, I’ve seen spikes in traffic and sales that have resulted in a number of my books jumping into the top 5 bestsellers within my categories. bookzio is top of my list when it comes to paid promotional services.

Lise Cartwright

Author of Nine Day Novel-Self Publishing

Looking for a way to reach your target market of motivated readers and buyers? Bookzio helped me sell books and I recommend them for your promotions as well.

Parker Francis

Author of Matanzas Bay

Bookzio is an easy to use service that always produces results.

Vivian Arend

Author of Rocky Mountain Heat

The team at BookZio is extremely easy to work with, and I was very happy with the timeliness and appearance of my ad.

Tia Louise

Author of One to Hold

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept bulk submission?
We do accept bulk submission.  Please use the contact form to reach out and we will work out the details.
Can I change my listing after submission?
Yes.  However, we need time to make adjustments.  If you email us the morning of your promotion it is unlikely we will be able to change anything.  If you give us 24-48 hours we can guarantee any changes you need.
Why don't you provide specifics on your email list?
While we do provide an overall email subscriber number, we do not provide individual genre/category totals.  However, the totals are in line with genre and sub-genre popularity.  So, mystery, suspense and romance will have more subscribers than cooking and advice categories.  The more popular genres have more subscribers in them.
Can I purchase the top spot on the newsletter?
Yes, this option is available for our Standard and Premium promotions. This places your book at the top of our daily deals email with a red bookmark (See Example Here). This allows your book to be the first seen and typically will also result in more downloads.
Can you provide a copy of the email from the day my book was on promo?
Unfortunately we cannot do this.  Our system is designed to dynamically pull in that days books on promotion.  Once that day has passed we cannot recreate the email for reference.  We can send a screenshot (since we receive a copy) or better yet, it’s best to sign up for our list and see it come through into your email.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.