Author: Forrest Neal

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Love Your Life and Effortlessly Eliminate All Obstacles and DistractionsWhat If doing what you love was actually easier than doing anything else?
What if the biggest obstacle to your success was yourself?

Bestselling Author, Forrest Neal presents the remarkable findings of his life experiences while overcoming seemly impossible challenges at a young age. After overcoming a severe back injury that greatly limited his mobility as well as a physical dependence to prescribed stimulants, Forrest wrote a bestselling book and is now living an exciting a fulfilling life. In The Straightest Path To Success, Forrest answers the question: How can someone become happy and successful in every moment of their lives?

In this book, you’ll learn:
•Why the world’s most successful people don’t chase money (and what they do chase)
•How to make becoming successful easier than quitting
•How to cure distraction using a technique that’s been passed down for thousands of years
•How to wake up excited and go to sleep fulfilled
•How to live in a flow state
•How to surround yourself only with people you love and admire
•How to stop wasting time on social media and use it to your advantage
•How to create an environment that encourages you to succeed
•How to focus your mind when the pressure to succeed is greatest