Author: D. F. Bailey

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A reporter on the rebound. An ex-cop with nothing to lose. A murder they can only solve together.Will Finch returns to the San Francisco eXpress convinced that Gianna Whitelaw was murdered. But everyone else claims that she threw herself from the Golden Gate Bridge. Who can dispute the facts? Her suicide note posted on Facebook. Her fiancée, murdered. Her fast-lane love-life, a disgrace. When her father, US Senator Franklin Whitelaw, demands that the press respect his family’s privacy, the story is quietly shut down.

Then Finch receives a mysterious text from Eve Noon. She knew Gianna. And she knows about Gianna’s intimate night with Finch. Her revelations could ruin his career. Will she destroy him, or can Finch use what Eve knows to crack open the case?

If you love a gripping financial thriller series that crackles with the voltage of a technothriller trilogy, then grab the second installment in this new crime trilogy. This hot fusion of PI mysteries, an organized crime series, and noir crime new releases will keep you reading through the night!

Inspired by true events, Stone Eater is the second novel in this string of noir crime new releases. Be sure to read this gripping financial thriller series in order: Bone Maker, Stone Eater, Lone Hunter. All three books are available now.

Author Interview with D. F. Bailey

Q. Stone Eater is the second novel in the Finch Trilogy. How do you describe the novel?
DFB. There’s a flavor of PI mysteries in the first book. But in this novel, readers will see how all three books morph into a financial thriller series. And since the crimes are based on cryptocurrency algorithms (like bitcoin) you can also describe them as a technothriller trilogy. Both terms apply.

Q. Stone Eater introduces a new character, Eve Noon. Who is she?
DFB. Eve Noon is a 32 year-old ex-cop. For five years she worked for the SFPD. After enduring years of on-the-job sexual harassment she sued — and won! As the story opens, she works as an independent, up-market PI catering exclusively to women. More important, in her quest to expose Gianna's killer she launches a devious plan to recruit Finch. It’s Eve who provides the skills and instincts of a good detective that you find in most PI mysteries.

Q. Tell us about some of the other characters.
DFB. In the first novel, Bone Maker, we met the managing editor, Wally Gimbel, and Finch's colleague, Fiona Page. We learn a lot more about them in Stone Eater, where they play critical roles. We’re also introduced to Sochi, a genius at cracking computer codes using quantum cryptography. And of course, readers will come to grips with a man known to local street kids as the Stone Eater.

Q. So who is the Stone Eater?
DFB. I can't reveal too much (no spoilers allowed!) but it's safe to say that he’s the biggest threat to a good night sleep ever to emerge from the South Shoreditch area in East London.

Q. And what makes the plot tick?
DFB. This plot — like some of the better PI mysteries — turns on the personalities of the characters rather than hidden clues and false leads. Crime is sometimes a very personal affair. Especially murder. That’s when homicide can become quite nasty. Also, Will and Eve have to sort out the motives behind Gianna's murder — and answer the lingering questions about why Raymond Toeplitz was killed in the previous book. Finally, the importance of the $450,000,000 bitcoin theft begins to emerge. So, it’s a hybrid of an organized crime series, financial thriller series — served up as a box-set technothriller trilogy.

* Read about the events that inspired Bone Maker on D. F. Bailey’s website: