Author: Paige Powers

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Brent Abbott is a widower with a small child. His wife is the love of his life, but after she dies in childbirth, Brent is not sure he will ever love again. Living in South Carolina, Brent finds comfort in his family life, but he cannot dispute the longing he has to take risks and make some changes in his life.On the way to his brother's wedding in San Francisco, Brent finds the exact opportunity for change: he applies for a job as a Texas Ranger. He has never been to Texas and knows nothing about the Wild Western frontier, but takes a chance on making this change in his life.

When Brent moves to Owen's Bluff, he finds life totally different than life in South Carolina. He quickly finds his way, working as a Texas Ranger and figuring out life on the range. Love is the furthest thing from his mind until he meets Lily Sanchez, a woman who has a beautiful spirit inside and out who convinces him it is okay to take a chance on love. She is apprehensive about giving her heart, but Brent is the one man she is willing to bet on.

Lily Sanchez has lived in Owen’s Bluff her entire life. Her parents are an unlikely couple. Her father is Mexican and her mother is Native American, and despite their love, they have met much adversity. Lily has fantasized about finding a love like her parents but it seems as though that will never happen.

Lawrence Jones is a local rancher whose family has owned land in and around Owen's Bluff for decades. Lawrence has a reputation for being a shrewd businessman who has no empathy for the needs of others. He is used to getting what he wants and he wants Lily Sanchez.

A decades-old rivalry between Lily's father and Lawrence Jones puts Lily in the middle of a dangerous feud that may cost her life. Brent has vowed to protect the community of Owen's Bluff as a Texas Ranger, but can he save Lily from the perilous clutches of Lawrence Jones?