Author: Jedaiah Ramnarine

Category: Science Fiction

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The Fate Of The New World is in their hands.The year is 2100.
70 years ago, mankind discovered the greatest genetic mystery of all time - BLISS ONES.
They rose from the ashes of our fallen world.
They became Gods.
They led us to a greater future.
They saved us. They evolved us.Then they mercilessly destroyed us.Now, a tyrannical empire of Bliss Ones known as The Ring Order commanded by the ruthless Viper, threatens to take it a step further by hunting the last relics of our past - Jay and Cea, the unknowing, sleeping forefathers of the corrupted Bliss One master race.When Jay and Cea awaken from hypersleep to discover their place in a new world, they realize they can trust no one but each other. While some see them as saviors, others see them as harbingers of chaos. Together, they must race to unravel the dark history of what happened during their stasis and learn the truth of Bliss Ones and their true origins to put things right again.

Their journey takes them to the farthest corners of the earth to unlock the secrets of the past. But The Ring Order are onto them at every corner, and they will stop at nothing to obtain them and use them for their sinister agenda, even if it means using a super weapon to kill off the rest of humanity.

Can Jay and Cea really stop them? No matter how much of a Bliss One they may be, they're still... only human...