steller bliss kindle ebook

Author: Jedaiah Ramnarine

Category: Science Fiction

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Deal starts: January 13, 2016

Deal ends: January 31, 2036


From The Bestselling Author of Nyxe comes A New, Hypnotic Tale.Set in a thrilling, forbidden world where the truth is confidential and all is not what it seems. A blacklisted psychic drifter code-named J finds himself sick and tired of the force-fed routine in his perfect town of Quietville.

When he encounters a strange telepathic girl code-named C during his escape, their world becomes disillusioned, filled with danger at every corner as they come too close to uncovering the behind-the-scenes cover up that controls their world.

Will they break free of the bonds that chain them to this endless, bounded dream or will they remain nothing more than silent, hopeful sleepers?