Author: Michele Wesley

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Much too often we find ourselves wondering how a character was born. What made them into the hero they have become? What made them such an excellent lover or such an expert at taking care of others? What made them such a nice guy or girl? How did they become such a villainous monster or mass murderer?This novelette gives off a few sparks of the flame that ignited two explosive characters from Smoke & Fire, Book #1 of the Smoke & Fire Series. Rage and untapped emotions are what seep the fumes that make these characters jump off the pages. The Smoke & Fire series is uniquely written, allowing readers to jump into the series at any of the first six books.

Sori “Smoke” Knight and Mycale Thomas Phillips are deadly, sometimes lovable, and totally emotionally dysfunctional. Despite facing obstacles where emotions are concerned, they somehow manage to keep fighting for the good guys. They are the pokers that stroke the flames that burn through this action packed, sexually charged, emotionally unstable series infused with murder and mayhem. This novelette sneaks a peek into Sori and Mycale’s younger years.