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500 Phrases that will help you learn the language! Even though languages contain thousands of words and phrases, at least you can get started by memorizing some of these common sentences and expressions. It’s a fun, easy travel guide with simple things people say in everyday situations. You will learn exactly what a Spanish person would say, so you can consider yourself safe to be taught correctly. Chapters include:Common questions.Conversation related to work, religion, and hobbies.All kinds of small talk.Explaining personal data.Money matters, the weather, and taking pictures.What to say in case of an emergency.Asking directions.And much more!So are you looking for a quick, simple, easy-to-use language guide? Then why not pick up this one and find your way in a foreign country or get some of the basics down with these short sentences? Keywords: Spanish, learn Spanish, Spain language, Mexico language, learning Spanish, speaking Spanish, speak Spanish, how to learn Spanish, how to speak Spanish, Spanish sentences, Spanish phrase book, phrase book Spanish, Spanish phrases, Spanish words, words in Spanish, phrases in Spanish, learn Spanish now, learn Spanish fast, learning Spanish fast, how to learn Spanish fast, how to speak Spanish fast