Author: Virginia A. Caldwell

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Best of the long-awaited secret cuisines right from the kitchen of Virginia Caldwell.The timeless southern recipes contained in this book have come to be the soul food cherished by individuals who value good food and have over the years brought happiness and joy to the tables of many families.

Known for her popular spice lovin’ dishes, Virginia Caldwell who has contributed to lots of southern recipe cookbooks and blogs over the years has finally decided to let in some of you on the secrets to making some of the best home-style south dishes from her kitchen.

This Southern food cookbook contains various home cooking recipes including simple appetizers, classic southern main entrées, side dishes, soups and a host of delicious desserts.

The treasure trove of timeless recipes contained in this cookbook will continue to be the bond that holds many families together for generations to come.

Savor the taste of crunchy biscuits, homemade spicy soups and sauce, tangy pies, country-fried chicken, vegan salads and lots more.

This book has been crafted as the perfect “good ole days” reminder of what a healthy southern meal tastes like. It contains numerous classic food recipes detailed with step-by-step preparation methods that ensure your end result isn’t far from the desired outcome.

Put on your apron. Grab your skillet. Let’s get to work.