Author: Colin Griffiths

Category: Mysteries

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Psychological thriller. It's been three years since the awful death of his three year old daughter Aimee.. Matt Conner did not take that loss well. For three years he had been medicated to help him deal with his loss. On the third Anniversary of Aimee's death, he made the mental choice to start leading a normal life once more. With his medication binned, and the news that his ex-wife had become pregnant from her new partner, he embarked on that new life. Then the dreams came.Carla Reid had moderate success when her first book 'Charlotte's Dream' was published. writing had become an outlet for her, to help bury past events. it was only when she became an Indie author did the social media aspect have an influence on her life. infatuated by the idea that she could eventually lead a life as deep and meaningful as the character in her books, she embarks on meeting the man that could change her life forever.

An emotional journey, where two broken minds meet up to find love, only to find something much more darker.