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Social Media - The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Brand with Social Media (Featuring a 7 Step Action Plan for Beginners)There are a lot of different social media platforms out there, and it’s practically impossible to try them all. To make this all easier, they are listed and discussed in the chapter “The Most Effective Social Media Platform for You”. Once you have decided which of the social media platforms you want to try out, the chapter “10 Powerful Social Media Strategies” has some top advice on how to make your marketing efforts effective. Be sure to read each of them carefully, and think about how you can put them into action. No matter how much good you do, making just a few major mistakes can have a terrible toll on your efforts. That is why the chapter “Top 10 Mistakes People Make on Social Media, and How to Avoid Them” is a must-read. There are lots of mistakes you can make using social media, knowing some of the most common mistakes can help to steer clear of trouble. Once you have a firm understanding of the rest of the information in this book, you will need to put things into action. That’s where knowing how to make a good social media marketing plan will help. No matter how, without a solid action plan you are less likely to see your goals become realities.