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What’s for breakfast? Smoothie bowls! Nothing could be a more glorious start to a day than a hearty bowl of scrumptious breakfast smoothie! Yes, it is what it says: smoothie is a bowl.The luscious creamy texture of the smoothie, incorporating all the goodness nature has to offer, contrasted by the nutty, crunchy layer of toppings, makes this fare almost a luxury! These energy-boosting recipes tantalize your taste buds and make your body swoon in gratitude.

Five minutes to breakfast? Anyone can be a culinary Picasso with a smoothie bowl. The combinations you fabricate are limited only by your imagination (well, that and whatever happens to be in your fridge and pantry). Banish the dreaded boring breakfast, as these exciting and festive surprise packages of goodness make waking up a little easier each morning.

Always listen to your body in the morning? What are you in the mood for? If you think you need a little more fuel for your day, toss a half-cup of all-natural granola or trail mix into your smoothie. You can also top it with sliced fruit, honey or agave, hemp seeds, coconut shreds, dried fruit, and nuts. Craving indulgence? What could go wrong with adding peanut butter and dark chocolate chips to your breakfast! The possibilities are endless.

Inside find 50 recipes that are not only easy to make, but taste heavenly! You are sure to please all the members of your family

Be sure to try the blueberry Banana Bonanza Bowl or the Chocolate Hazelnut Hemp Smoothie bowl. Feeling for a little more green stuff, we got you covered with the Green Matcha Mint Smoothie Bowl or the Super Green Smoothie Bowl. A dessert, why not go with the Carrot Cake Smoothie bowl! Divine.

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