Author: Hannah Raybans

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Instilling good money habits in your children is arguably one of life’s most important lessons. As parents we want our children to grow up to be financially secure and debt-free.One topic that many parents want their child to learn about is financial literacy.

It’s crucial that a child be taught how to manage and save money. Just as some kids think money grows on trees, some parents think that their child acquiring the knowledge about money will fall from trees, but it won’t.

Many experts agree that the earlier you teach your child about money, the better. As early as possible, parents need to help kids build a strong understanding of basic money matters.

Instead of letting your child form misconceptions about money, wouldn’t it be smarter to give them the facts? Let’s be honest we are now living in a world where financial stability is no more.

The debt load of today’s young adult is exponentially higher than their parents’ generation and if this trend holds that debt number will continue to increase.

Make it your priority as a parent to begin to have weekly age-appropriate discussions as early as possible with your child about money.

This doesn’t have to be the type of conversation that bores them or turns them away; instead do it in ways that make it both fun and educational.

This book is written to equip parents with the tools needed to teach children about money in fun and educational ways. It is designed to help kids starting at age three, however there is information that you can share with a child into their teens.

Here’s to raising a financially fit young person!