Author: Morris Fenris

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Annette Winter is the current darling of the ballet world. Though the rise to fame didn't come without its struggles. She's from an inner city area and is black, her body type isn't perfect - she's far too curvy to be a proper ballet dancer and she started dancing too late. But Annette has proven everybody wrong. She's mesmerizing on stage and her technique is perfection. She wants to get the message out to all little girls that ballet is a wonderful world full of strong women and anyone with enough heart and drive is welcome.Lucas Parks is at the top of his game. Originally trained in classical ballet in the last five years he's broken the mold and gone rogue. Creating his own company he is known for a combination of modern, lyrical, and traditional ballet - focused on emotion and music - he dances only to music produced in the past year. It's made his company's season one of the most sought after tickets in the dancing world, drawing crowds of both young and old. Now he's accepted a contract to run a reality TV show about his company and he's been tasked to take the latest "it" girl ballerina and mold her style to his own. The TV producers think that it would be a coup if Lucas could get Annette to agree to work with him on the reality show. Lucas contacts Annette with an offer. What happens next? Does Annette forgo her love of classical dancing and agree to Lucas’ proposition? Order your copy to find out whether fate brings these two passionate dancers closer to form a connection of a lifetime,Slow Dance is an emotional roller coaster ride, filled with laughter, excitement, joy and disappointment. It is the love story of two souls who are connected through their passion for ballet dancing.