Author: Phil Fogliani

Category: Mysteries

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Slivers in the Dark Will Tug at Your Worst Fears
Take a journey into the night with Slivers in the Dark. Odd things happen when darkness falls so be prepared to read some of the frightening happenings when the sun goes down. Slivers in the Dark has four short horror stories that will tug at your worst fears and show you what you have to fear. Make sure you read these at night, preferably alone so you can experience the terror our characters did as you read along from story to story.If you want a good scare and something that makes you cringe, download your copy now and experience the evil within. Is it supernatural or something else? Will you fear what evil may come as you read these stories? Put yourself in their place and see if you can do what they have done. I dare you to try, how would you react if it were you. You can only hope nothing like this will ever happen to you…but you never know.

Here's a Preview of One Story
"He was hiding behind a dumpster, breathing hard and sweating even though it was mild outside. The panic on his face was easy to read and he was close to the end. What had sent him down this path was something from a nightmare, one that he was now living with no understanding. As he caught his breath, he peeked around the dumpster hoping he’d lost what was following him. There was no movement and he relaxed for a brief second before he rose to his feet and..."
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