Author: JE Ellington

Category: General Nonfiction

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This must-read book is your guide to sensual self-awareness and deep-rooted sexual confidence. Young adult or senior citizen, male or female, it will leave you in awe of the power of human sexuality in our lives.The twists and turns of human sexuality in this enjoyable read are a unique mix of cutting-edge science and memoir-like tales of personal and professional development.

"This is a must read for EVERYONE who loves SEX. As an ancient sexologist who has taught so many women about orgasms, this book is very special written by an 'expert' who includes her own sexual history which makes it far more real for me." - Betty Dodson

Many of us are hesitant to talk about what is really going on in our sex lives, especially when we feel unsure of ourselves or out of sync with our lover. To overcome this, author and reproductive physiologist Dr. Joanna Ellington uses brutal honesty, humor, and intelligence to share her own intimate story of sex from puberty to menopause in a way that ties research to real life experiences.

This valuable book takes on many of the controversial sex topics of today, often through the unique lens of andrology (the study of men). It candidly discusses teens and sex, solo masturbation within marriage, and how to find out why we just don't feel like "doing it" anymore.

Part kitchen table talk with a trusted aunt, part fascinating lecture into the newest research on creating great sex. This book is easy to understand and will open your eyes to the latest medicine that even many physicians haven't caught up on yet.