Author: Samantha Walters

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: January 15, 2016

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[ABOUT THE SERIES] When shy little office girl Samantha finds a mysterious dominant man online, she can hardly contain herself. Over sexy chatting, deliciously dark phone calls, and surprising online meetings, she tries to be hesitant at first, talking about little vague things. But being anonymous online makes it safe, right? She starts to open up to him, finding herself telling him naughty things she’d never told anyone. He slides inside her mind, pushing in, interrogating and discovering all of her secrets. She finds herself exposing more than just her soul, her mind, and her body. She begins to do things she’s never done before in real life. Samantha’s world goes spinning out of control in an orgasm-fueled haze.[ABOUT THE STORY] Samantha meets her Master and her Mistress. After years of being the submissive office girl who can’t find love, she’s finally found her passion: becoming a full time slave girl. She realizes she loves to be commanded and now, for the first time, he’s making her do naughty things in front of him and his slave wife, her Mistress. Will her limits be pushed further? Will she do more taboo and kinky things now that she can see him and feel his control?Warning: This 6,000+ word story contains extremely graphic language, an incredibly curious submissive girl who wants to become a gagged and bound sex slave, mind blowing sex scenes that get even hotter as the story unfolds, rough sex, BDSM, orgasm control, and explicit descriptions of a shy office girl being used and taken by a shadowy hot millionaire guy. Intended for MATURE AUDIENCES! 18+ ONLY!And just so you know, this is my true story. This really happened, and this is my new life as a slavegirl. – Samantha Ann Walters