Author: Tony Lewis

Category: Fantasy

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Welcome to the undead town of Skullenia: Where the undead reign and zaniness abounds!
A bizarre and supernatural escape, this hilarious trilogy is guaranteed to keep you in stitches. (Tony Lewis is not responsible should said stitches fall apart.)
If any town could do without a detective agency, it’s Skullenia. At least that’s what Ollie believes. But after a string of unexplained disappearances leave the undead residents spinning in their graves, Count Jocular calls upon the half-vampire to solve the mystery. Soon finding himself involved in a hilarious string of misadventures with his motley crew of monsters (some, quite frankly, ridiculous characters), Ollie has to wonder ... Has he bitten off more than he can chew?
The Fibulan Museum has been burglarised, and Ollie and his intrepid detectives are appointed to the case. But they soon discover that dark forces are at work, making this is no ordinary crime. Can they stave off disaster? Can they avoid seeing Mrs. Ladle's legs? Can Flug have an intelligent through without having a stroke? All are undertakings of—quite literally—epic proportions.
Grendle the Shopkeeper has disappeared. While taking a romantic, moonlit stroll through the cemetery, one young couple discovers a brutally dismembered corpse. After an incident at the town fountain, the press swarms the residents of Skullenia.Are these events somehow linked? Can Ollie and his crew avoid the carnivorous attentions of Noggin, a rather special cat? Someone must resuscitate the truth before it's too late!