Author: Samantha Holt

Category: Historical Romance

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The elusive youngest Cynfell is the only bachelor remaining. And Gideon intends to keep it that way. After having first-hand knowledge of just how fragile his parents' marriage was, he isn't interested in women for anything more than a brief dalliance.However, Cleo Talbot is set to change that.

Friends from childhood, Gideon and Cleo had always enjoyed an easy relationship. Until she became engaged to a fool of a man. Gideon can't help it. He's enraged that she should lower herself to marrying the idiot.

Cleo is hardly pleased to be engaged to Niall Harper either. He's harmless enough, but after saying yes, regret kicks in quickly. Why did she let herself be pushed into such a match? Could ruination really be so bad? And why is Gideon suddenly so interested in her wedding plans?

When it becomes clear that her harmless fiancé is not so innocent after all, Gideon and Cleo must join forces to ensure she's not forced into marrying him. With the help of a person from Gideon's past--one that means he has to acknowledge the lie he's been living--and his brothers, can they bring the criminal to justice or will Gideon and Cleo be left with many regrets, knowing that perhaps they were more than good friends after all?