Arnold et Louis – La Ruée vers l’Or

Arnold est un élan qui vit dans une petite maison en bois à la lisière de la forêt. C’est un rêveur, et son plus grand souhait est de trouver un trésor enfoui. Mais malgré tous ses efforts, Arnold n’en a jamais trouvé jusqu’à présent.
Puis, un jour, l’ami d’Arnold, une oie appelée Louis, vient chez lui et lui suggère d’aller à la recherche d’un trésor. Arnold saute sur l’occasion, bien sûr, et les deux se préparent à partir dans la dangereuse forêt.
Ils font appel à l’aide d’autres personnes et partent pour l’aventure de leur vie. Mais il y a plus de dangers qu’ils n’auraient pu l’imaginer, et ils se rendent vite compte de la valeur de l’amitié.
Que se passera-t-il lorsqu’ils trouveront le trésor qu’ils cherchent ? Est-ce que cela les changera, ou seront-ils toujours le même élan et la même oie qu’ils ont toujours été ? Lisez la suite pour vivre une aventure passionnante avec Arnold et Louis.

Potty Zoo

It’s about time! That diaper’s gotta go, baby! Pick the best book for toddlers about the journey to the potty. If you’re starting to potty train your toddler, get them excited about the coming process with some fun and colorful Potty Training and ABC Animals book for toddlers.

Eleven Crucial Steps For Indie Writers

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Shelly’s Plan

Shelly is an elephant who dreams of beautiful things. She desires a golden crown, but to get it she must escape from the zoo. Shelly needs an escape plan.

Many obstacles stand in Shelly’s way, but she is a determined elephant, and she has friends – and each of Shelly’s elephant friends has a special skill to help her escape.

Can Shelly break out of the zoo to buy the crown her heart desires? With help from her friends, Jelly, Welly, Smelly and Belly, she might just make it.

Will her chums help Shelly come up with the perfect plan? Find out in this beautifully illustrated, rhyming story. Perfect as a bedtime story or for children aged 6-8.

Help! I’m Stuck

“Help! I’m Stuck: 10 Strategies To Push You Through To Achieving Success,” will help you get unstuck. You will learn several strategies on how to work through to the outcome of your goal. Distractions and negative self-talk will not be a challenge, as it has been in the past. This book will show you how to set yourself up for achieving your goals on any level.

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I’ve been there. You have a goal that you want to achieve. You think about it and before you know it, one month has gone by and it’s still in your head. Nothing has happened. Then, you make a plan to do something towards your goal for this week, but you’re tired and you have so much to do.

Where does the time go? Your friends say you just need a break, so you go out with them to jumpstart and celebrate your new thought and how you’re going to be successful. The next day, you get caught up in watching a marathon on TV. Now, you have to get ready for work. It’s just too much to fit into your life!

“Help! I’m Stuck: 10 Strategies To Push You Through To Achieving Success,” will allow you to be honest and train yourself on how to become better at following through with your goals. It breaks down what it takes to go after your goals consistently. Others will only give you a quick, temporary fix to success. This book gives you strategies for life, not tips for the moment.

Obscurely Obvious

Eclectic, magical, and deliciously bite-sized fantasy tales to wake wonder and spark your imagination.

Explore the extraordinary with elements of mirrors, mages, and muses. This new short story collection, ‘Obscurely Obvious,’ includes the popular ‘In the Mirror,’ ‘The High Roads,’ and four all-new tales of magic:

Tourist Trap
Deliver Me
Elran’s Journey
Not Me

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Crypto for Beginners

If you haven´t spent the last couple of months on the moon, you should have heard about Bitcoin by now. Bitcoin reached unimaginably high profits in 2017 of more than 1500%.

The blockchain technology is already there and the financial sector is already starting to change. We will see more upcoming changes in 2018 and you should educate as much as possible to see the upcoming trends and be a part of it. It is smart to start now and get as much valuable information as possible.

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Learn from someone who has done it all and can easily guide you through the jungle of the cryptocurrency market. You know, investing in cryptocurrencies can be very confusing and frustrating. Even if you started investing in cryptocurrencies, there are several pitfalls that you need to watch out for in order to be the technical owner -otherwise, you might lose it all.

This little ebook will give you all the information you need.

An overview of the blockchain technology

Why you should act now

Gain insights about the blockchain and how it can change our society

A step-by Step, easy to follow instruction how to start trading successfully cryptocurrencies.

Major mistakes and what traders need to look out for.

Security tips and guides for the best bitcoin wallets

After reading this ebook, you will know a lot more about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. You will make smart choices from the beginning because you know what to look out for immediately. This is a bulletproof guide in a quick and easy read.

And as if this wasn´t enough, there is also a FREE BONUS REPORT to discover the five most common scamming strategies to steal your cryptocurrencies and what you can do to protect yourself.


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Meditation – How to Guide Your Life and Reach Your Goals

You’re about to discover life changing benefits of meditation and the powerful knowledge of how to turn your life around…
Have you reached the stage in life where you feel stuck? Perhaps you have a nice home. Perhaps you even have a job that you like, but life still seems to be letting you down. The problem is that you may have all of the material things, but unless you are happy in yourself, all of these things count for very little. That’s where meditation comes in. When you learn to step off the roundabout and take enough time daily to meditate, you change the course of your life.
Transformation may sound a little grand, but it’s actually easier to achieve than you may have imagined. When was the last time that you relaxed? How about the last time that you actually looked forward to doing something just for you? We go through our lives and often a lifestyle is a series of compromises. Along the way, we lose track of the goals that we once had, because life gets in the way. We stop seeing things clearly because there are too many responsibilities piled upon our shoulders.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

Where Meditation comes From
Starting at the Beginning
What are your Goals?
Learning to Breathe
Types of Meditation for Beginners
Mindful Meditation
Letting Go
Commonly asked Questions on Meditation

James and the Shield of Faith

After another fun filled day James is ready for bed, but those scary monsters just won’t leave James alone. After learning about the Armor of God, James decides to use his shield of faith to protect himself. Will those scary monsters stand a chance?