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If you self-publish your own books, you won't want to miss this:You're about to learn how to run a successful free book promotion in JUST ONE DAY. If you are self-publishing books on kindle, do you know how to get your book to stand out?

The free promotion system outlined in this book will reliably get your new books into the top #1000 Free ranking (and often into the top 200 or 300) using just one promo day!

Inside you'll learn:

* Advantages and Downsides to running free promotions
* How Amazon's ranking algorithms work
* Step-by-step checklist of what to do in advance
* Step-by-step checklist of what to do on the day of your promotion
* When (and how) to start, and - most importantly - when to STOP it!
* Find out where to post, what to post, who to tweet to, and more -- everything you need to know to have a killer one-day promotion for your new book launch!

More tips: Visit to get a pile of free advice, tips, and techniques for publishing success from colleagues of mine who have been very successful in self-publishing.