Author: Artemis Wolffe

Category: LGBT

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Benjamin Shock has known for a long time now that he needed to set out and build a better life for himself. It was all planned, until something unexpected happened. When his abusive factory-worker father remarried, Ben all of a sudden realized that he had to expand his plans to include another.Chris “Topher” Mason looked up to his stepbrother. Whenever their parents fought, it was Ben who came to help the younger brother relax and forget about it. But when Ben leaves without an explanation or note one day, Chris is stuck in the middle of everything, with no way out. He can't get his stepbrother off his mind. So when he wakes up in a cabin one day and the first face he sees is his stepbrother’s, Chris can barely believe it.

Benjamin has been preparing for this day for six months, so that he can make the perfect life for him and Chris. Will he be able to convince his stepbrother that what they're feeling is okay? Or will he find out that Chris has been hiding something from him all along as well?