Author: TJ Shortt

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Tamyra never considered the family curse to be real. Seriously, who even believes in werewolves? Waking up, naked, in a stranger's backyard sets Tamyra's reality straight and it becomes obvious staying in the big city is no longer an option.
Desperate to protect her full moon secret Tamyra moves to mysterious Shiver Cove.
Being a painfully shy girl starting her senior year, Tamyra's fears of being left an outsider vanish when she meets an alluring and popular guy. Unfortunately, a ruthless bully has her heart set on him too.
Despite bullying threats, Tamyra finds she's falling in love and is unnerved by her hopes his intentions extend beyond just friendly.
Adding to Tamyra's torment, a new darkness is terrorizing Shiver Cove. Could she be the thing stalking the streets of Shiver Cove or has something far more sinister than she can imagine come to town?