Author: Lacey Edward

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Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance
At the height of the Jazz Age, Millicent, or Milly, moves from a small town to the big city with the hopes of striking it big, and ends up working at a nightclub, paying her bills with her enchanting voice. And enchanting it truly is, catching the attention of two eligible young men -- Jackson and Albert, who are as strong as they are handsome.Thus, the competition for Milly's attention begins, and only escalates as the two men compete for her heart, but they have a secret even she doesn't know, a secret they share only with each other, the full moon, and the rest of their packs...

Interview with the Author:
Q – So, what makes your shifter romances special?

A – It’s a mixture of things, actually. When I started writing these books, I wanted to create a series of books that I would love to read. I love paranormal romances and shifter love stories, but I also love books with some action, danger, suspense, and a strong female character. I try to roll all of these interests into my books.

My shifter books are a mix of romance, sex, longing, danger, and mystery. I also try to create some really memorable settings, whether it be historical, fantasy, or present-day, that I hope readers will enjoy.

Q – What else do you like to write?

A – I love other paranormal genres, such as vampires, psychics, and ghosts. I have a vampire/psychic suspenseful romance series, called Remembering Raven. These books take place in New Orleans where there is an evil vampire orchestrating murders of young women. The psychic heroine and her vampire soul mate re-connect after being separated centuries ago to try to solve the murders. There are six books in the series, including the free prequel. They are called:

- Remembering Raven: Always Mine
- Remembering Raven: Cheyenne
- Remembering Raven: Sabine
- Remembering Raven: Allegra
- Remembering Raven: Nanette, and
- Remembering Raven: Juliana

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