Author: Jane Lebak

Category: Christian Fiction

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Heaven is forever---or so we thought.
What would happen if Satan could obliterate an eternal soul?All angels have known since their creation that they cannot be killed-- but now Satan is convinced the impossible can be done.
Demons abduct and are able to tear apart the Archangel Gabriel's soul, leaving Heaven in stunned grief. Can Gabriel be saved from the void?

For Gabriel, Remiel and Israfel, the threat is real--and the stakes couldn't be higher. God has said He will not re-create any angels the enemies destroy.

Raphael, Gabriel's bonded Seraph, has to grapple with the loss he considers worst in the world--at least, he thinks it's the worst until he's forced to choose between obeying God and saving Gabriel. When Michael has to regroup rather than retaliate; when Remiel has to masquerade as a her fallen twin in order to give Gabriel a fighting chance; when Israfel has to choose between protecting her heart and being true to herself: these are angels at their best during the most wrenching struggle they've ever faced.

The demons' victory touches off a power struggle among the top five in Hell's hierarchy. The opposing sides fight for the allegiance of the mastermind who created the procedure and is charged with improving it...only now he's having second thoughts.

Seven Archangels: Annihilation is a storm that encompasses all Heaven and Hell, a question of what it means to be eternal, what it means to die forever, and what it means to love someone when it might cost you everything.