Author: Frank Tayell

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Even after the apocalypse, crimes must be solved.They called them Artificial Intelligences. Sentient viruses were closer to the truth. They spread throughout the world, and then they went to war. Billions succumbed to radiation, starvation, and disease. But millions survived, and they rebuilt.

Twenty years later, a ceremony will mark the first transatlantic broadcast since The Blackout. The Prime Minister of Britain and two of the Presidents of the United States will speak to an audience of nearly ten million people. Not all are celebrating. Crime is on the rise, and power is once again a prize worth murdering for.

Police Cadet Ruth Deering doesn’t care about ancient history or current affairs. Newly assigned to the Serious Crimes Unit, her first case seems like a simple murder, but the investigation uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to destroy their fragile democracy.