Author: James Kipling

Category: Mysteries

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Someone desperately wants 17 year old Raj Varma dead and it seems they’ll stop at nothing to make sure that happens. Everyone he loves is dead and a killer is after him. Afraid and distraught at the brutal murder of his family and best friend, Raj flees from his home in the slums of Pune. While on the run, a stranger rescues him and takes him to a safe home about half-way between Pune and Mumbai. It turns out that his savior is an old friend of his father.However, Raj is intent on finding his family’s killer, and relentlessly pursues the truth. He learns that his whole life has been a lie and his thirst for vengeance grows stronger but he meets Priya, a girl who also lives in the safe home, and they fall in love. She manages to temper his need to exact revenge but Raj is still obsessed with finding out more about his family.

Things seem to be improving and Raj starts to rebuild his life, his relationship with Priya growing stronger by the day. The time comes for them to leave for university and Raj decides to visit the slums, his home one last time with Priya before leaving it forever. Disaster strikes when a sniper, hired by his pursuer, lies in wait in the slums of Pune.