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Whether one is looking for a stable second income or just looking to get rid of some personal, unwanted junk, there is one really great place to start: That’s right! Amazon® is more than just an online discount store. Many products on Amazon® are not sold by the Amazon® corporation itself, but by small companies or even individuals looking to make some extra money from home. This also includes many products in various conditions that have already been used.
However, a large percentage of individuals selling on Amazon® are not just looking to get rid of old, personal stuff they no longer want. Most are looking for a sizable income, from few hundred extra dollars a month to a steady income or a living. Is it even possible? Yes, of course it is! It’s a lot of work and dedication, and one can expect to put in hours similar to a full-time job to make it work, but it can be done. This guide is a great starting point for someone looking to get in on being a seller on Amazon®. After all, Amazon® is the online shipping giant of the world with more than a 366% increase in sales so far in 2016 alone according to CNN Money. That’s even after the shipping giant took in more than over $100 billion in 2015 alone. It’s time to get in on this stash of cash.