Author: Sandeep Sharma

Category: General Nonfiction

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Love Your Imperfection! In today’s world, everyone has their own opinion about every other person on this planet. We are all bombarded with perception of us by our society, labeling us who we are, what we should do and what we should not do. It’s always about our imperfections and weakness, but never about how to innovate on those imperfections and raise our self esteem and be a better person.Do you feel yourself to be inadequate in some ways? Do you feel hesitant about speaking up in public? Do you find it challenging to drive yourself to the accomplishment of your goals? Do you feel what I’m saying? If yes, then this book is your window to self-discovery, and the discovery of the path towards finding new and innovative ways to harness all those imperfections with which you’ve been striving to live till now. It’s the key to your happiness, because once you’ve found ways of using your imperfections to build your self-esteem, you’ll be a happier and more satisfied individual, with confidence in your own ability to transform your personality and your life.