Author: Ethan Powers

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Price will increase soon.Now that you are recently promoted, do you know what it takes to be an outstanding new manager?In this no-nonsense, powerful book, you are put on an overdrive mode to make a smooth transition from being an employee to managing employees.Discover some of the secrets such as:The number one top mistake and how to overcome it.The number one must-have skill...even Tony Robbins utilized this skill before deciding on the book cover of his latest book.How to apply the 80/20 rule or how eighty percent of mistakes can be resolved by applying the five pillars in management.Two golden words to remember and apply that will make your employees want to work for you and no other bosses.How to have a 'favorite' employee without affecting the morale of the workforce.A common action most millionaires do which you can easily emulate.And more than forty strategies which are practical and valuable to apply now.Tap on the experience of a low-profile manager that has successfully earned a six-figure annual salary just by applying the above wisdom.This is your defining moment.>> Download This Book Today <<Tags: Managing people, leadership, management skills, soft skills, leaders, corporate culture, management, boss