Author: Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Category: Mysteries

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Abigail Sutton's husband has been missing for two years when she learns he's been dead all that time-a victim of a gone-wrong mugging. She begins a new life and moves to a small town full of fog, quirky townspeople and mysteries. And right away she's drawn into one of her own when she buys, renovates, a fixer-upper house and uncovers hidden in it scraps of paper written by two young children who once lived there with their mother, and who supposedly drove away thirty years before never to be seen again. Abigail suspects they never left the house; suspects they'd been murdered. Then she finds three graves in the back. Of course, with her history of a missing husband she develops the overpowering urge to find out what happened to them. The scraps of paper she continues to find makes the bond, the desire, stronger. She forms a friendship with an ex-homicide cop, Frank, and together they solve the mystery. Only thing is there's someone still living in the town that just as desperately doesn't want them to; someone who'd kill to keep the murderer's identity secret. 268 Reviews 4.4 star average.