AUTHOR: Tom Swyers

CATEGORY: Literary Fiction



DEAL STARTS: 2015-07-08

DEAL ENDS: 2015-07-12






Description : Abe Lincoln and David Thompson would agree on at least one thing: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” In 2009, this all rings true to Thompson when he looks at his house, his family, and at his hometown, the Town of Indigo Valley.
Based on a true story, when washed-out lawyer and Civil War buff David Thompson learns that the town’s baseball league is about to fold, he gets in way over his head. He becomes torn between saving the league for his son, Christy, along with Christy’s friends and saving his marriage to his wife, Annie.
Christy and Annie want to see David save the league, but the more David passionately tries to save it, the more he ends up hurting them. David desperately searches for a way to heal his family’s wounds while trying to save the league so that he can live with himself.
David starts to keep secrets from Annie as a means to that end. At the same time, Indigo Valley wrestles to keep its secrets under wraps while it almost bursts with people leading double lives. They want David and the league to fail. And they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want, even if they have to go through Christy and Annie.
With the help of Johnny McFadden–a newfound friend who’s addicted to baseball–David concocts a plan to defend the league and his family. The pair will have to navigate through a maze of backroom politics, corruption, scandal and crime that extends to the professional sports world. David will have to call upon all of his legal and survival skills and then some to get things done.
Saving Babe Ruth reveals the underbelly of youth sports that’s hurting communities nationwide today. It’s a novel so controversial that one of the nation’s top professional sports agents is threatening a lawsuit over it.
New York Times bestselling author Margot Livesey says Swyers “has created a man for all seasons” in David Thompson and calls Saving Babe Ruth “an absorbing and compulsively readable novel.
”Saving Babe Ruth is also the inspiring story about a baseball team full of outcasts struggling to believe in themselves. When the time is right, they’ll face the prospect of having to fight crazy with crazy to save baseball for themselves, their town and beyond.
Amazon readers (4.7/5.0 stars) say you don’t need to be a fan of baseball to enjoy this novel.
If you like fast-paced and humor-laced stories, don’t miss this family’s fight to stay together as it confronts a youth sports underworld rich with characters.
Winner of a number of accolades including the 2015 Benjamin Franklin Book Award for “Best First Book: Fiction.”

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