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Sauces, dips or salsas have great value around the world and each region has their own way of making it. This differs because of the kind of ingredients available in that particular region and how they use it in their recipes.This book provides you with all the necessary guidance through recipes and inspirational talk that you need while hosting any event, party or get together. A sauce, a dip or a salsa can sometimes be the one making or breaking a party and lead your food to heights of deliciousness that you won’t even be able to imagine!

While there are many sauces or dips that one can make, this book focuses on 30 of the best from around the world, with original recipes! Passed down right from your grandmother’s age, this is as original as they can get to what she made!

This food guide urges you to use some of the freshest produce in your creations and urges you to eat what’s in season, because this way essential nutrient in the food are not lost while planning your meals. It stresses on planning your dips or sauces in advance so that your budget doesn't go for a toss while planning for a big party.