Author: Anja Talbot

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Twenty-three-year old violinist Sasha James is a recent college grad, and she’s a little adrift.
She was raised by her father and seriously dated only one guy, Stephen — someone she dated through most of college. When Stephen got accepted to a graduate program across the country, Sasha saw that as the end, and they broke up. She already knew she wanted something different, and was sick of feeling disconnected.
Besides, Sasha now has opportunities elsewhere. She was trained in classical violin since she was a kid, and was a music major in college. So finally her "big break" — or at least an opportunity to work in her chosen field — comes when she's offered a seat in an orchestra in another city.
Sasha is alone for the first time in her life, in a new city and trying to make a serious go of her life and and career. But now her music is suffering...
She’s young and naïve, but she’s also set in her ways and has strong opinions about music, relationships, and love. But when a confident, edgy brunette named Alison takes Sasha under her musical wing, Sasha’s entire world is turned upside down, and she slowly but surely discovers how all of her well-formulated opinions aren’t that well-formulated after all.Sasha’s Song, Book One: Awakenings is a modern girl-meets-girl love story about finding passion and inspiration in unexpected places.