Author: Jason Komito

Category: Fantasy

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#1 Amazon bestseller in Sword & Sorcery (2014)Orphan, thief, healer, demon slayer... What else will she become?

Sapphyre has always known she has an innate magical ability, but being an orphan who grew up on the streets, she is unaware of its origin, or how to control it. For the last two winters she has served ale and food in the Dragon’s Flagon.

Until one evening, when a thin, dark-skinned stranger arrives to the inn. Sapphyre learns the stranger’s name and listens to his tale. He asks Sapphyre to join him in his search for Sorenthor, a man who will be able to determine the source of her magic.

But the meeting between Ashcon and Sapphyre has put ancient prophecies into play. The followers of the Zagador, the Dark Gods, are spurred into motion and will stop at nothing to track down and destroy Ashcon and his companions, and plunge the world into Eternal Night.