Author: Brett Thomas

Category: General Nonfiction

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AUTHOR: Brett Thomas

CATEGORY: General Nonfiction



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Description : After a heavy running schedule at college, as a 'semi-serious' runner, I picked up a knee injury that side-lined me and ultimately meant not running at all for a very long time. I had been so obsessed with the time splits that I had forgotten to pay attention to my body and how it was responding to the increased workload.

Years passed with nothing more than the occasional light run. The more time passed, the more I wanted to run again. The problem was that every time I tried, the years of muscle atrophy and overeating meant that even one mile was HARD. Sometimes I didn’t even make it a mile before I convinced myself that “tomorrow will be a better day for this, I didn’t get enough sleep last night”.

I made all kinds of excuses for why I wasn’t running, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t get past those all too familiar walls we make for ourselves. I was being challenged and my head just wasn’t in to it anymore. I had lost my love for running.

A friend of mine convinced me to speak to his Yoga instructor about Mindful Running. I was willing to listen, but I wasn’t about to pay for some meaningless claims about not-thinking while running. The instructor explained the entire idea to me and by the end I was a little bit intrigued, enough to be willing to try it.

I signed up to a two month plan and the rest is history!

I’ve managed to run marathons, avoid injury and drastically improve my life with the lessons in this book. I hope you also find similar inspiration.

This book is about what I’d learned during those few months. Everything you need to know about mindful running as I now refer to it. I can now say that meditation and running go together better than peanut butter and jelly.